I am a researcher in the UCSB Climate Hazards Group supporting the research mission of the Famine Early Warning System Network (FEWS Net). I am  trying to discover and document the relationships among weather, crop production, prices, and food insecurity in the world’s poor countries.  While a PhD student at UCSB Geography I was  part of an NSF project examining 30 years of social, physical, and economic changes in the Mexican maize system. I also have a strong interest in spatial econometrics and time series analysis. There are three overarching questions that guide my research:

1) How is the integration of domestic markets with international markets likely to alter the influence of local and global forces on subnational food production and prices?

2) How will climate change impact existing spatial patterns of food production and food security?

3) What unique methodological challenges confront us when analyzing food systems?


You can find my CV here (updated every six months or so) and view my published papers on my google scholar page.