The Epic Search for the Perfect R Text Editor
Tuesday, May 8, 2012 at 09:39PM
Frank Davenport in R


I can never seem to get exactly what I want from an R text editor. Let me correct that, I can never seem to get exactly what I want from an R text editor on a MAC. I used to use Tinn-R  which met most  my needs:


When I made the switch to Mac I went with StatET  on Eclipse   StatET has more or less all those things, but it is not simple or straightforward (or maybe just Eclipse is too complex for me). It also has somewhat lousy graphics support and does not allow for fuzzy help searches (??’help’). However, it worked so I’ve been using it. But I just upgraded to R 2.15 and the built in graphics driver (and a few other options) no longer work.  I was never that attached to StatET anyway because the Eclipse environment is just too complex for my needs.


I really like R Studio  but it’s missing some very key features:


So what else is out there? Maybe it’s time to try TextMate? In general I prefer free and cross platform, but I can make exceptions.

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